Event Organization

Menu management

In collaboration with some of the best caterers, chefs and pastry chefs in town, Oikodespoina promises to bring your favourite menu to your plate.

  Would you prefer a chef who will be there to cook on the spot for you and your guests?

Or just a menu according to the concept? 

Everything is possible! 

Just inform us about your particular eating preferences and budget and Oikodespoina will propose the best menu in perfect harmony with your request and the theme of the evening.

Art de la table

Oikodespoina’s favourite part!

How many times have you set the same table over and over again with the same dinnerware and tablecloths?

Of course, you can’t buy different dinnerware every day… But what about renting just for the evening?

Let Oikodespoina do magic on your table and suggest something completely different: go modern or go totally vintage, go eco, choose different plates, glasses and tablecloths. Let us find the right accessories to match the theme of the evening.

See your table look different and refreshed.

Experiment and have fun with us.

It’s your moment!


Ok, now you have the idea and you know exactly how you want your event to be like.

…but who is going to do all that? You don’t have the time and you don’t have the means.

Well, Oikodespoina does!

With great pleasure we will come to your place the day of the event to set up and prepare everything before your guests’ arrival.

You only need to relax, take a nice bath, get ready and welcome your guests with a big smile and a glass of bubbles upon their arrival!

Stationary design, management and gifting

Your dining event is very formal and there are so many administrative details you need to handle before, during and after:

You need to send the invitations, inform about the dress code, print the menu and seating cards, prepare the “thank you” notes, have some cute souvenir-gifts for your guests…

Or you don’t do any of the above and let Oikodespoina, as your proper representative, to handle all your stationary design and management with pleasure and professionalism.

You choose, we act!