I waited until it was dusk, prepared myself a cup of tea and turned-on soft jazz music: only then was I ready to start writing about Oikodespoina.

Because Oikodespoina lives in there: in a dream-come-true that fills me with warmth, passion and tenderness.

Work to support the hobbies or transform the hobbies to a job...?”:  a question that turned around my mind every time I was feeling the call to make a new start in my life and take over new professional paths. The way was long and challenging varying between diverse commercial activities always for high-end clientele: from fancy apartments for real estate business in Greece, to luxurious accessories retail in Switzerland and 5* hotel rooms, suites and meeting rooms in Belgium.

In 2020 the momentum to reconsider life was knocking on my door once again. Was it finally the time to get over my hesitation and take the risk to act? I spent the next one year and a half trying to recentre to myself, do the things I like, try to listen to my needs. I asked my friends, my coaches, I took several talent and orientation tests. All the signs were pointing at the same direction: communication and events. The four-month intensive training where I was chosen to follow on Communication and Event management with IHECS was the cherry on the top!

The idea was not new. The flair had always been there. And then Oikodespoina was born: the concept incubating in my heart and in my mind for years was just meeting the appropriate circumstances to come to life.

I actually do feel an “Oikodespoina”, my own name is linked to this faith!

I love to receive friends, to welcome them in cosy environments where they feel safe and relaxed. I love to communicate with people, to take care of them, to listen to their needs, to help. I LOVE setting tables! I love creating. I love all kinds of fine items of art. I love elegance and detail. I love food and I love fun!

So far, I used to call myself a “Greek sales enthusiast”. From now on I am called your “Oikodespoina”,  a life enthusiast eager to transmit with the help of partners and team all the passion, skills and know-how to your services.

Until we meet in personal,


Until we meet in person,