“Oikodespoina”  is the Greek word for hostess, the gentlewoman of the house or family.

A concept that in itself reflects already sensations such as caring, hospitality, fellowship, affection, love. 

Our Oikodespoina is therefore exactly that: a companion who ensures that an exclusive, tailor-made, boutique dining experience is organised at your home, according to your taste and desire.

All you need to do is enjoy a cup of coffee with us, describe the dream dinner you desire to host for your friends and beloved ones and on the day of the event just wear your brightest smile and welcome your guests!

Everything else will be taken care of by Oikodespoina with much passion, delicacy, professionalism and absolute attention to detail.

*Oikodespoina= Oikos (Οίκος – ecos) = the house + Despoina (Δέσποινα – Théspeena) = the lady of the house

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